NYC: Bloomberg mulls ban on Styrofoam cups, containers

Joining Seattle and Brookline, Mass., the “Bloomberg administration is considering banning Styrofoam cups and containers — popular at thousands of delis and food carts across the city — as it prepares to roll out a major recycling announcement in the coming weeks, a Sanitation Department official said yesterday.” [NY Post] “At the end of 2006, the New York Post rounded up what is very likely a partial list of items the New York City Council banned or considered banning.” [Ed Driscoll, via]


  • I went to a conference in Canada and they recycle it; why not NYC? The alternative is to go back to paper cups which require tree pulp and can’t be recycled due to the coatings.

  • My city, Sunnyvale CA, has been enacting all sorts of crazy greenie laws lately. It started with a bag ban, and the styrofoam ban is coming soon. There’s also a law against honking bicyclists.

    It’s a living hell here.

  • Can Hizzoner just ban bed bugs and make them go away? Clearly the Dept. of Public Health can’t do it through regulation.

  • “There’s also a law against honking bicyclists.”

    What is it with these folks in CA?
    You have to warn them you’re coming so they can dodge. It is hardly sporting otherwise!

  • Doesn’t New York have a City Council somewhere that makes laws? Yes, I’m sure I read that somewhere. One benefit of consulting it from time to time would be that the chaos of the legislative process is a stumbling block to tyranny.