Free speech roundup

  • Alarms re: proposed new UK code to regulate press, both print and electronic [John O’Sullivan, Andrew Stuttaford] “Why we won’t sign the press-regulation Charter” [The Spectator: Nick Cohen]
  • Also from the UK: “Police investigate Conservative MP Tim Loughton for calling man ‘unkempt'” [Telegraph]
  • “Teenager arrested for tweeting rap lyric containing the word ‘homicide.'” [Ann Althouse]
  • “CNN Argues that Requiring Captioning of Web Videos Would Violate Free Speech” [Disability Law, Courthouse News; more on new web accessibility push]
  • Administrator at Yeshiva U. hires lawyer to get posts removed from prominent law blogs, Streisand Effect ensues [Scott Greenfield]
  • Philly Mayor Michael Nutter sends letter to city human relations commission demanding investigation of Philadelphia Magazine for publishing article he dislikes [Ken at Popehat, Hans Bader]

One Comment

  • Re: arrested for tweeting rap lyric

    I guess i am not surprised at the put-on ingenuousness of Ann Althouse. Nor am I surprised by all the commenters who think threats to the rape victim’s life by a relative of one of the convicted rapists should be lawful or are harmless. People don’t know the law, so that some assert that non-consensual genital penetration is not really rape is not all that surprising. No surprise at those who indicate that the rape of the unconscious girl is the fault of the unconscious girl. And who could be surprised by reading that it is Obama’s fault.