“The divorce from hell, the battle for alimony and emptied pockets”

At the Tampa Bay Times, Leonora LaPeter Anton relates the gruesome details of one high-conflict, protracted divorce — not a celebrity or a very-high-net-worth case, just a couple with some resources that can’t stop wrangling in court. The system may be labeled “no-fault,” but no one would imagine from this case that it lives up to that billing.


  • the article is long and depressing, like the divorce litigation..the ironic overlawyered quote is at the end though…the ex-wife has been in a car wreck, and is considering a lawsuit…

  • If only people would realize that compromise at the beginning of a divorce is almost always the best option. I’ll bet Muriel would love to go back and take the 65,000 a year that was offered to her in the beginning, and I’m sure Terry would have offered a bit more if he knew what he was in store for. Quite a statement at the end though, Muriel leaving only her wedding dress at the house.

  • This isn’t even as bad as it gets.

  • And the winner is … their lawyers.