Don’t you just love regulation?

EPA-mandated diesel-engine governor shuts down ambulance carrying patient in cardiac arrest to emergency room. [WTTG; Washington, D.C.] The D.C. fire union says emissions-control engine governors, the result of an EPA mandate, have shut down rescue vehicles during missions at least three times since August. Following strenuous protests from rescue squads around the country, EPA last May waived the application of the rules for fire trucks and ambulances, but D.C. is apparently stuck with vehicles acquired before the waiver.


  • 1. Enact law
    2. Think about what the law actually does
    3. Watch Rome burn

  • John, step 2a: Fiddle

    Your tax dollars at work.

  • This is a homicidal bureaucratic ruling in all possible settings, not just the ambulance nightmare scenario.

    Think of diesel truck on a crowded 60 mile per hour expressway suddenly losing power.

    No wonder the EPA uses secret email identities. The idea of Washington passive-aggressive incompetent bureaucrats also micromanaging your healthcare is equally terrifying.