On rubber worms: “Not for human consumption”

This year’s Wacky Warning Labels contest has reached the finalist stage. Others that made the cut: “Wash hands after using” on a common extension cord, a Prop 65 (California) warning on a box of matches advising that they may produce combustion by-products, and a warning on a pedometer that the maker will not be liable for any injuries to runners using the device. [Bob Dorigo Jones]

More: David Henderson on “warning pollution.”


  • To be fair, rubber worms can look and feel a lot like gummy worms.

  • Way back when, I ignored such a warning applied to early-generaton plastic fishing worms. They were anise scented. I love anise. The rubber worms were chewy, but the oiliness was off-putting. Still, fish liked them.

  • Might make a good drinking game, though, attempting to match the warning with the product.