Red Sox fan stabbed gets $4.3M from Connecticut restaurant

“A Boston Red Sox fan who was harassed and stabbed through the neck by a New York Yankees fan at a restaurant in 2010 has been awarded $4.3 million by a jury. The jury in New Haven reached the verdict Thursday in favor of Monte Freire and against the restaurant, U.S.S. Chowder Pot III, in Branford, attorneys for both sides said.” The plaintiff’s lawyer said the restaurant had been put on notice that the Yankees fan was potentially violent and should have cut him off from further liquor; the restaurant’s attorney said that while the man had previously behaved like a jerk, he was sitting quietly when observed which is why the bartender decided only to monitor him. [ESPN]


  • Sometimes, when it’s not through the looking glass off in libertarian fantasyland where no serious economist treads, overlawyered has it right. This is a sad story that yet again will, by weight of anecdote and chilling effect, constrain human judgment, decrease fun, and increase costs due to our legal system’s utter inability to come to any sort of real grips with the stochastic nature of tragic events.

  • I don’t see how this is “libertarian fantasyland”. The person who did the stabbing should have paid the civil judgment.