“Feds Require Magicians To Make Disaster Plans For Their Bunnies”

Inspired in part by Hurricane Katrina, a new federal regulation requires commercial animal handlers to develop disaster contingency plans for their animals. Because working with even a single animal can put you under the rules, a magician in Missouri is now mulling how to assess what potential disasters may pose risks for his rabbit, what “materials, resources, and training needs” may be necessary to prepare for them, and how best to “identify a chain of command” given that it’s just him and the rabbit. [J.D. Tuccille, Reason]


  • Hassenpfeffer!


  • In case of emergency, he’ll make the rabbit disappear. Too bad he can’t do that with a bureaucrat.

  • Chain of command:
    * In case of disaster, Magician will take whatever measures are necessary and proper.
    * In case Magician is incapacitated, Rabbit will escape and take care of itself.
    * In case Rabbit is unable to escape, Bureaucrat will probably be along sooner or later. Bureaucrat will remember he is subject to the orders of Rabbit at all times.

  • Prepairedness: Recipie Book added to Emergiancy Action Folder

    Immediate action: Hossenpepper

    Follow up: Yelp review, Instagram of dinner

  • Is this the place to come and laugh and a law that is actually very reasonable, but missing a likely needed exception for small cases such as this? In this case, Jack, the issue is not with too many bureaucrats but not enough good ones who could have seen the need for this exception.

  • Why should there be a law requiring that commercial animal handlers develop disaster plans for animals?

    That’s like making a law requiring that all people be required to buy medical insura–hey, wait a minute…

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