• My all time favorite Stossel anecdote:

    In 1996 when he was giving a speech to the Federalist Society someone asked him why he had abandoned consumer reporting to bash government and trial lawyers. According to the Corporate Crime Reporter, Stossel replied, “I got sick of it. I also now make so much money I just lost interest in saving a buck on a can of peas.”

  • Yes, that sounds like a version CCR would retail. I have heard Stossel give his “can of peas” line in a speech and it was not worded at all that way (which of course doesn’t rule out the possibility that he has given it differently at different times).

  • I don’t mind batting things around with people I disagree with– you and I have done that from time to time. It’s hypocrisy that I dislike, which is what makes Stosselmsuch an inviting target.

    Hypocrisy is, of course, what sunk Spitzer while Governor, not hookers.

  • Here’s a recording of the famous “can of peas” statement.


    Kind Regards

  • No, hookers sunk the Governor. They would have sunk any governor. No one had a real problem with the hypocrisy.

    I think Spitzer should have resigned. And I think it is okay that he is coming back. And I think it is okay that people are substantively attacking him.

    Everyone can carry on as they were.

  • Are you sure that’s actually John Stossel on the recording?

    I think it sounds more like Trayvon Martin.

  • . . . or maybe George Zimmerman.

  • It was I, actually. CCR’s use is why some people never joke.

  • CCR’s use is why some people never joke.

    Maybe you’re not funny?