“There has been no spite…. I have not seen this as revenge-motivated.”

A Cincinnati couple has gone through 17 years of contentious litigation. “Their divorce case file had more than 1,400 entries in it. Many had to do with a back-and-forth custody dispute over their children, now ages 17 and 20.” Both husband and wife are law professors. [Cincinnati Enquirer via Daily Mail]


  • Sounds like the plot for a new Reality Show: “What happens when the Hatfields and McCoys go to law school?”

  • I guess they are getting a taste of their own medicine!

  • I guess this is a way for academics to get litigation experience.

  • Actually Richard, I doubt they’re truly getting a taste. They’re probably pro se on this one. If they had to pony up $250 / hour, each, this would have ended long ago.

    Ahhh…now THERE’S an idea…..make lawyers who want to be party to a suit pay their personal going rate to a charity if they’re pro se, or hire another shyster, uh, I mean lawyer, to represent them. That way they get the full experience. 😉

  • this saga not only reflect badly on the litigants but also on our legal system … I mean, aren’t judges paid to try cases … why don’t we eliminate discovery and have cases go directly to trial