• Uh oh, this could cause some liberal cognitive dissonance, and we can’t have that! And a reminder: Costco’s CEO — a public supporter of Obama and contributor to his campaign — arranged for Costco to pay a massive special dividend just before 1/1/13, all to avoid the looming Obamacare tax hike on investment income and the threat of dividend rates reverting to ordinary income rates in 2013.

    I wonder if his grandchildren also attend private schools?

  • Nope, no cognitive dissonance for this liberal semi-retired lawyer and part-time Costco employee. The CDS folks who hand out the free samples are not Costco employees, they are not supervised by Costco management while in the store, and they are NOT called upon to do many of the things all Costco employees may be assigned to do. For example, our Costco location conducted its twice-a-year physical inventory earlier this month. That means that about 150 Costco employees reported for work at 6:45 on a Saturday night, spent 8 hours counting EVERY piece of merchandise in the store by hand (with a 30 minute unpaid meal break) and left the store at 3:15 on Sunday morning. I could go on with a whole list of differences…