“Drop the food, lady, it’s the Alberta Health Service”

Apparently following a complaint from a local restaurateur, provincial authorities have cracked down on a pay-what-you-can informal supper club organized by High River resident Paula Elliot. “AHS shut her down … informing her they don’t approve of people sharing food. They were equally heavy handed when she tried to give away edibles to stranded flood refugees at evacuation centers.” [Jen Gerson, National Post]


  • 20 years ago, we could have told them that nothing similar could happen in the US. But now we have FEMA, which did the same to Katrina victims.

  • 30 years ago, I served on a Community Action board in my state.

    While trying to secure food for the kitchen we operated, I approached a very large local business to inquire whether it would be willing to share excess food from its cafeteria on a daily or other regular basis.

    I was told that is against our state law. Food that is prepared but not eaten must be discarded.

    The law.

    Y’know, sometimes, the law IS “a ass”.