• Getting your coffee from a cart that uses Meissen adds surprisingly little to the cost of a cup of joe, particularly when they leave off the saucer.


  • Another way to ban the Big Gulp.

  • Nanny Bloomberg sees no need for styrofoam for takeout, everyone should just send out their upstairs butler with a couple of Ming vases.

  • He failed to force fast food chains like McDonalds to close by banning them from selling stuff, so now he wants to ban the containers those chains use to sell stuff in which would have the same effect.

    Whatever else Bloomberg is, he is persistent and has some original ideas to overcome such things like public opinion and the law to get his way.

  • I’m not so sure that this is an attack on fast food. Styrofoam is awful from the point of view of waste disposal. As I understand it, it can’t be recycled and it lasts forever, so it fills up land fills. Packaging made of, biodegradable materials such as cellulose is far superior as far as waste disposal is concerned.