Update: Kansas City flung-hot-dog case

A mascot for the Kansas City Royals threw a wrapped hot dog into the stands, which injured a fan. A jury rejected his claim, but an appeals court reinstated it, and the Missouri Supreme Court is now considering whether the traditional principle that cuts off liability for foul balls and other expected projectiles should cover even the wurst case. [AP, earlier] More: Lowering the Bar.


  • OOOHhhhh…..OOHHhhhh

    I have to be frank, I relish the awfulness of that pun.

  • Puns of this….um..quality require a “PUN WARNING”. That goes doubly for you too, Xmas.

  • And to add insult to injury: Is it kosher to put sauerkraut on a Hebrew National hot dog?

  • I am inclined to agree with the Mo. Court of Appeals. When the game is live, people know to pay attention. The game wasn’t live.

    I don’t understand the reticence to compensate this guy for the injury.