Mayor Bloomberg, in valedictory, warns of “labor-electoral complex”

The phrase “evoked the ‘military-industrial complex’ about which President Dwight Eisenhower famously warned the nation in a speech days before he left office in 1961.” [Times-Union]

One Comment

  • While I strongly disagree with Mr. Bloomberg on a lot of issues, he is 100% correct in pointing out how public employee unions, including teachers unions, and their allies, mostly local and state elected Democrats, have essentially destroyed the financial health of many cities and states. Prime examples include Illinois, California, LA and Detroit. Not only have public employees gained costly health and retiree benefits far in excess of what most private sector workers receive, they have job tenure that makes it nearly impossible to get rid of them even if they are convicted of crimes (for example, NYC teachers). Until this is changed, perhaps through bankruptcy or right to work laws, taxpayers in these blue jurisdictions will continue to be raped and pillaged.