Speech to ABA on nanny state and Bloomberg soda ban

You can watch here (earlier). Related videos, including those of the other panelists, at the American Bar Association site.

Meanwhile, even former enthusiasts are beginning to give up on the “food deserttheory — opening a supermarket nearby does little to change unhealthy diet habits. So guess what’s next? Yep, calls for more and stronger intervention [Ann Althouse].


  • “Food desert” intervention fails? Need stronger intervention.

    Benefits of Head Start fade by third grade? Need universal Head Start.

    Despite 40 years of “war on poverty,” poverty and income inequality remain existential threats? Need more war on poverty.

    Tens of thousands of pages of financial regulation fail to prevent financial crisis? Need more regulation.

    $900 billion stiumulus fails to deliver promised benefits? Need more stimulus.

    Anyone sensing a pattern here?

  • People not getting with the program? All we need is more bayonets. You can do anything with bayonets (except sit on them).