• I demand edible babies inside my cake!

  • Actually, they’re quite edible if you enjoy crunching bones.


  • “I demand edible babies inside my cake!”

    Then, L.C. , you want a Las Vagas Birthday Cake, where the babes inside pop out, and not a Mardi Gras King Cake.

    Fat Tuesday is getting tamer all the time. Can’t even throw Zulu Coconuts from the floats anymore, because someone in the crowd might be drunk (You don’t say!) and get clobbered in the face trying to catch one and missing, or take down a bunch of people by doing a drunk roll into them. When the Hurricanes have to be no more than 16 oz., and alcohol and sugar free, it’ll be time to quit.

  • Per Shel Silverstein:

  • the babies are only inside the cake on the ones sold locally, presumably because locals know there is one inside (it’s good luck to get it, but it means you have to buy the next cake). The ones shipped out of town have the baby on top of the cake.

  • Yesterday those babies who didn’t freeze their tiny tushes off were washed away by the ensuing monsoons. Not the coldest ever, not the wettest ever, but certainly the coldest AND wettest Mardi Gras ever. And now you know why the adult babies consume massive quantities of potable anti-freeze.