Labor and wage-hour roundup

  • Nomination of David Weil as Labor Department wage/hour chief could be flashpoint in overtime furor [Terence Smith, Hill] Another reaction to President’s scheme [Don Boudreaux, Cafe Hayek, earlier here and here]
  • Oregon: longshoreman’s union says NLRB charges of blinding, threatened rape meant “to distract” [Oregonian]
  • Who thinks hiking the minimum wage would kill jobs? Company chief financial officers, to name one group [Steve Hanke, Cato]
  • Tourists’ casual naivete about union politics at NYC hotel made for tension, hilarity [How May We Hate You via @tedfrank]
  • Just for fun: Wichita business’s creative responses to union’s “Shame On…” signs reach Round 2 [Volokh on first round, Subaru of Wichita on second round]
  • Workers’ comp claims at government agencies in Maryland can be odd [Baltimore Sun via Jeff Quinton]
  • Are unions losing their grip on the California Democratic Party? [Dan Walters]

One Comment

  • Apropos to the hotel story, while recuperating from a quadruple by pass in St Vincent’s Hospital in NYC (Now closed) a young lady came to ask me a question about something innocuous, and as she was leaving I asked her to please move my water glass on the night stand to where I could reach it, (I was in a lot of pain.) She looked at me as if I had asked for an unwanted date, and snapped,”It’s not my job.”
    The unions were out of control in that institution!