• It is appointive: Bloomberg appointed her.

  • With her good looks, cool name and family money, some thought she was ready to rocket to the big time. But when I read how she showed up to the Inquirer’s editorial board meeting WITH HER LAWYER, Richard Sprague (was he the one?), my jaw hit the floor. She’s the freakin’ attorney general of the state, elected by the people, and she has to hide behind ANOTHER LAWYER? That is pathetic. Talk about “overlawyered”! This woman seems to have accomplished nothing in office but 1) tapping her SISTER to head the sex-crimes unit, 2) accusing Tom Corbett of playing politics with the Sandusky investigation — which turns out not be true, and 3) failing to prosecute caught-on-tape bribe-taking state pols from Philly because it would be “racist” (they all happen to be Democrats, like Kane).

    I predict she goes nowhere on the national state, and may just get cane-yanked off the state stage.