• FoodBabe is the classic urban-legend mill; sex, death, secret knowledge, and lurking evil all together.

  • What is so disturbing about this is not that there is an ignorant woman who spouts crazy theories about food and nutrition on her blog. The Internet is rife with such people. It is the fact that major corporations kowtow to her demands.

  • Like a lot of these websites, she makes her living off of the number of people who visit. So the more outrageous her claim, the more people will go to her site to see what’s going on. Down the right side is a list of books, food supplements and other sites that advertise. She also has a shop link. To quote a certain movie: “Show me the money!”

  • While I am appalled at her message, arguing that she is doing it for the money is not a good argument, Ed. Lots of sites have money-making attached to them, whether by advertisement, merchandise for sale or donation request. The information at hand does not clearly indicate whether the message or the money-making came first.

    Even if her motivation is primarily profit, arguing that profit is a poor motive is not the sort of thesis to rouse distaste on a libertarian site.