US customs seizes 7 violin bows from Budapest orchestra

The feds’ insane war on antiques and musical instruments continues. “Orchestra spokesman Adèl Tossenberger said in an e-mail that the seized bows did not contain any ivory and the orchestra received a certificate from a Hungarian expert verifying this.” It is unclear why they had to pay a $525 fine anyway. A few days earlier, according to a German publication, “the Munich Philharmonic nearly cancelled three performances at Carnegie Hall in April after that orchestra’s string players could not produce CITES certificates for their bows.” [WQXR, The Violin Channel] Earlier on the old-ivory ban here, here, and here; on musical instruments here, here, and here.


  • So – no potential new voters among the German violin bows that were barred from illegally entering the U.S.?

    Anyway, it’s reassuring to know that our borders are safe from the threat of ivory.

  • Also safe from Kinder eggs.

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