A warning sign

Making the rounds, from Reddit: “Please do not enter the dangerous area beyond this gate! You quite possibly will be hurt, then you will sue. … [This sign] will be ‘Exhibit 1’.”


  • If only the lawyer who took the case knew about the sign first, so didn’t take it on contingency…

  • Wait for the lawsuit for “intimidation” and “emotional distress”.

  • Only problem is that the sign isn’t in Spanish.

  • “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this clearly shows negligence on the part of the property owner. There is a duty to provide reasonable warning of the hazards present in an area, and to take reasonable precautions to prevent persons from entering that area and being harmed. Simply putting up a sign is not sufficient; clearly, we see that this sign describes none of the actual hazards present. In addition, the actual access control consists of an easily-circumvented piece of string; a reasonable person might conclude that while vehicle traffic was prohibited, pedestrians could certainly enter the area. Therefore this sign’s legal assertions are meaningless and do not constitute an acceptable defense.”

  • “Your Honor, I was trying to understand what the sign was saying, but it was so complicated that I didn’t notice the edge of the cliff in front of me. I believe that’s called a ‘hazard’ and that it represents a foreseeable hazard.”

  • That is the best warning sign/label I have ever seen.

  • Dismally too true. DensityDuck is the lawyer I want.

  • This product has been conceived, designed, lofted, manufactured, distributed, and sold exclusively for the use of human being of sufficient intelligence to use it without injury to themselves or others.

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  • i see sharp edges on that sign which may make someone culpable!!

  • This sign is merely that, a sign. For it to be a valid warning sign it must be designated so with the word WARNING, which it is clearly not.

    I’m sure there are additional requirements which vary by state, especially in California. The size of the sign, font & size, the placement height, citation of applicable code, nighttime illumination, ADA compliant seating, etc., etc. ad nauseum.
    For all of the foregoing reasons, I like it.

  • Just call SAUL đŸ™‚

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  • I would enter freely but take the sign with me. So much for “Exhibit 1”.

  • Seen on a fence in Nevada, between “No Trespassing” signs.

    “If you can read this sign,
    you are within range.”