• Interestingly, there appears to be no sign at the top of the steps. Where I come from (and where gravity works in the usual way), falling down poses greater hazards than falling up. But, Oz is the Land Down Under, so maybe the hazards are reversed.

  • I believe there is a sign at the top. It’s partially obstructed by the handrail in the photo. View from the top of the sign is not obstructed so you’ll have to find another set of steps for your trip and fall case.

  • Where’s the sign warning about gravity?

  • You know, I can kind of understand this. Without that sign someone might believe that this structure was merely a decorative feature of the landscaping and was not meant to be used for foot traffic.

    Also there’s no “USE HANDRAIL” or “MAY BE SLIPPERY WHEN WET” signs.

  • Also missing is the warning– Steps freeze before the sidewalk.

  • This looks like part of a set from the movie Idiocracy. In a few years the movie might look like a documentary.

  • No s**t Sherlock.

  • Excuse me for saying this, but could the signs be there because some people would think that the steps are not steps, but an escalator?

    Of course, that would mean people waiting at the top or the bottom of the stairs to go up or down, calling maintenance that the escalator is broken, etc., but one thing I have learned from this blog is never underestimate the lack of common sense in people.

  • I’m not sure this is a warning sign.

  • You know, this might not be that crazy. The letters seem to be raised – so this could be a warning for blind people. I can’t tell if there’s braille there, but it’s not uncommon that the blind can make out words from raised letters. The symbol might be a giveaway.