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  • I am a very strict believer in the idea that “all politics is local.” While the Maryland race is a good example of your point at the state level, I supported a friend in a local and much smaller election that demonstrate your point as well.

    The friend spent the meager salary they received as a city council member on the election. That’s it. Not a penny more. He accepted no outside money.

    His opponent, on the other hand, took a lot of money from outside sources – including sources outside the city.

    The result was that the friend spent about 40 cents on every vote cast while his opponent spent closer to $5.00 per vote cast. In the media barrage were mailers, flyers, tee-shirts and even robo calls.

    When the votes were counted, my friend had won a convincing victory capturing 58% of the vote to 42% for his opponent.

    Message, integrity and freedom of speech still have a place in elections.