Labor and employment roundup

  • Senate Republicans make noises about reining in runaway EEOC [Roger Clegg, Senate minority staff report, Human Resource Executive Online]
  • Yes, minimum wage increases hurt many low-skilled workers [NBER via Charles Hughes]
  • “Women earn less than men even when they set the pay” [Emma Jacobs, FT, via Tyler Cowen]
  • Just a typical fast food worker, except for happening to have a high-powered P.R. firm representing him [Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Economics21]
  • Aaargh: “Federal judge wants to bury summary judgment for many reasons, but especially because it harms employment-discrimination plaintiffs” [CL&P]
  • “Ideally, someone from Human Resources will join you to meet with the aggrieved employee and inform her that the tree is staying up.” (Well, not up this far into January, but you know.) [Evil Skippy at Work]
  • “But”, sic: “Vermont has some of the most progressive wage-and-hour laws in the country, but low-income workers are still struggling.” [Alana Semuels, National Journal]

One Comment

  • The “living wage” zealots are simply using minimum wage hikes as a stepping stone to full-blown communism.

    The people in this news article are all poor not because of their wages but because of bad life choices. For example

    He’d taken out a loan of $16,000 to cover the remainder of his expenses, and couldn’t earn enough to make the requisite payments on it


    When he moved to Vermont for school

    (I, too, came from a “poor” family. I didn’t go away to college. I took the bus and commuted to it.)

    How about this one:

    …let’s call her Jessie, is 26 and pregnant. She makes $9 an hour, $1.50 less than she made when she worked for the chain between 2008 and 2011.

    Now how did she just end up pregnant? Magic?

    At first, she was doing well, at $11 an hour and enough hours in the height of the summer tourist season to support herself and her 6-year-old son. But her higher earnings bumped her all but off of Vermont’s state assistance programs–she now barely receives any food stamps or heating assistance.

    So they want to earn more money, and still keep their safety-net benefits! (And note, another Single Mom! The left thinks Single Moms are America’s True Heroes.)

    Disgusting all around.