Don’t get cozy with a laptop adapter and fall asleep

A California woman claims in her lawsuit that her “husband was using his Apple laptop when [she] fell asleep with her arm on top of the adapter for approximately 40 minutes. She woke up groggy, felt ‘itchy,’ and went to bed. The next morning she felt pain and discovered a ‘one-inch boil’ on her arm.” She’s suing Apple for not adequately warning that the adapters get hot and shouldn’t be left in contact with bare skin for extended periods. [Nick Farr, Abnormal Use]


  • “Not adequately warning”. So there was a warning for this, but she was not adequately aware of that warning?

    If Apple sold a bare sking proximity device as an add-on to the power adapter, would damages be limited to the cost of that add-on?

    Is there a warning not to put the power adapter in bed? How about in a microwave?

  • Classic Impossibility defense:
    She was asleep so it was impossible for her to read any warning; &
    It is impossible to expect her husband, a man, to read any directions or warnings.
    As the great Male Philosopher, Yoda, explained: “Do. Or, don’t do. Don’t read.”