New books roundup


  • To top off his ex-mistress’s pension fund, NJ Gov Corzine proposed a huge bond funded by an immediate 50%-plus inflation hike in already expensive NJ turnpike tolls, with additional 50%-plus-inflation increases at four year intervals indefinitely into the future. ( A robber baron in the original sense of the word.)

    This proposal, shouted down by NJ voters who would have been the most visible victims, perfectly illustrated my skepticism toward proposals by some self-styled market advocated advocates to allow sale of public highways to for- profit bondholders. Congress should outlaw attempts to capitalize highways for more than it cost to build them.

  • […] Explosion and The Rule of Lawyers, are among seven that author Charles Murray (most recently of By the People) has recommended if you’d like to understand the state of the U.S. legal system [Benjamin […]

  • […] Paul Nolette book on state attorneys general Federalism On Trial includes history of suits led by New York’s […]