City Journal at 25 — and alternate-side-of-the-street parking

Twenty-five years ago the Manhattan Institute, with which I was affiliated for many years, launched its extremely successful periodical City Journal. (Longtime editor Myron Magnet, now editor-at-large, has an account here of some of its triumphs.)

The very first issue had a piece from me on alternate side of the street parking. Contributors to that first issue, under founding editor Richard Vigilante, included William Tucker, Rick Brookhiser, Terry Teachout, Carolyn Lochhead, Mark Cunningham, Peter Salins, Rupert Murdoch (!), and others. My work appeared in City Journal most recently this summer with a profile of the work of Eric Schneiderman as New York attorney general (“Inspector Gotcha”) and you can read all of my contributions to the magazine here, on topics ranging from the case against slavery reparations to the struggle between Westchester County and HUD.

Congratulations to this excellent magazine as it enters its second quarter century under editor Brian Anderson.


  • My favorite City Journal piece of all time — so treasured, I’ve kept a hard copy of it — was Heather MacDonald’s story on the complete joke that is “pro bono” law. That is, it’s nothing but a righteous-sounding vehicle for liberal/left causes. And often isn’t, in fact, for the public good. It was a brilliant idea and even more brilliant execution. Reading it left me gasping in gratitude that SOMEONE ELSE noticed this, and articulated it so well.

  • You failed to be prepared to strike immediately upon seeing the woman walking to her car. Keys and license should always be carried.