Claim: dealer should have scraped off decals before reselling his car

A Texas businessman “is suing a Ford dealership for more than $1 million in financial losses and damages to his company’s reputation after a pickup truck he once owned ended up with Islamic militants fighting in Syria’s civil war.” According to Mark Oberholtzer, he got “thousands of harassing phone calls” after an image went viral of a truck bearing the marks of his plumbing company in the possession of Syrian insurgents. [CNN]


  • Per the source article:

    He started to peel off the company’s decals from the truck’s doors but a salesman stopped him, according to the lawsuit. The man told Oberholtzer that peeling off the decal would damage the paint on the truck, according to the lawsuit.

    Oberholtzer said the salesman told him that AutoNation would remove the decals before the truck was resold.

    • Of course he says that now. He takes on 50% of the blame if he doesnt say that. How to prove it though….

  • It would be a good Monty Python sketch:
    A gun crew sponsored by Mark I Plumbing. They can’t get parts for their cannon so they keep making excuses to ISIS for not being there.