• I’ve invented a brand new cocktail mix I plan to call “Penicillin”

    Anyone want to help me write the disclaimer?

  • Hate to rain on your parade, but there’s already a drink called Penicillin, made with Scotch, honey, ginger and lemon juice, served warm. I had a bad case of traceler’s tummy on a business trip to Scotland once, and lived on bread and mashed tatties for two days until the room service guy tipped to what was happening, and brought me that drink. I don’t like Scotch, but he assured me I’d nae taste the wee dram but it would cure what ailed me. It was delicious. Half an hour later, my appetite came storming back, my stomach felt great, I ate a club sandwich and it stayed down. So if that wasn’t medicinal, I’m not sure what the definition is. No disclaimer needed.

  • I once calculated how many G&T’s using commercially available “tonic water” would be required to be an effective malaria prophylactic — the level of alcohol intake would be well past fatal.