Food roundup

  • In farmer’s market raid, USDA shows exactly how much regard it has for new Food Freedom Acts in Wyoming, elsewhere [Baylen Linnekin, Reason] More on Baylen Linnekin’s new book [Nick Gillespie, and earlier]
  • “Should You Take the Government’s Dietary Advice?” [Terence Kealey in new “Ask a Cato Expert” series, earlier here, here, etc.]
  • USDA orders school districts to forbid marketing of so-called competitive foods, which might raise a First Amendment question or two [Washington Legal Foundation]
  • Watch those median spurs: “Texas Rangers Oppose Bacardi’s Logo For Green Tea Spirit Because Of The ‘T'” [Timothy Geigner, TechDirt]
  • Surely a clever parody, no? Pick-your-own apple orchards said to shed “light on some unflattering truths about the American economy.” [Slate]
  • How progressivism and the New Deal helped promote insipid Home Economics cookery [Joseph Bottum]


  • I trust no content from Slate.

  • God, that apple-knocker Daniel Gross is such a whiner. They’re not just peddling apples, it’s apple flavored entertainment. And I bet some people really enjoy it. The cost are a bit high because it’s not cheap to put on the show. If he went to an ordinary orchard he’d complain about the facilities, the presentation, and the fact that almost none of them speak English. He could learn to enjoy himself more wherever he goes. Maybe he doesn’t know how to write that way.