Environment roundup

  • How regulators dismiss economists’ advice: the case of CAFE fuel economy regs [David Henderson]
  • Other auto manufacturers appear to have an emissions cheating problem, raise your hand if you’re surprised [Coyote]
  • “You can end up getting a platinum LEED certification and still have the highest energy consumption density in the city of Chicago, as it turns out.” [same, sequel]
  • “The Disconnect Between Liberal Aspirations And Liberal Housing Policy Is Killing Coastal U.S. Cities” [Shane D. Phillips] “California Housing Crunch Prompts Push to Allow Building” [Chris Kirkham, WSJ]
  • Tyler Cowen takes a look at the stream protection rule;
  • Well, natch: staff of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was in touch with Rockefeller Family Fund campaigners before he launched climate advocacy subpoenas [New York Post]

One Comment

  • Re: How regulators dismiss economists’ advice: the case of CAFE fuel economy regs [David Henderson]

    Given the EPA penchant to regulate everything in sight, including declaring seasonal mudpuddles in a homeowner’s back yard to be navigable waters of the US, I would not be surprised to see these future news items:

    EPA orders auto manufacturers to ignore the laws of thermodynamics in meeting EPA fuel economy regulations.

    EPA orders electrical power generating and distribution companies to ignore Ohm’s law to meet new EPA power grid efficiency regulations.

    EPA lobbies Congress to repeal all laws of Physics which interfere with EPA regulatory goals.

    To prevent depletion of nonrenewable mineral deposits, EPA orders that all future vehicles shall be constructed of wood.

    To prevent CO2 emissions by cattle or cooking fires, depletion of nonrenewable mineral deposits, diversion of food growing croplands for fiber or fuel, EPA orders all citizens to go barefoot, naked, and to eat only uncooked food.

    To reduce total CO2 emissions, EPA orders all persons born on even numbered days of the month shall not exhale on even numbered days, and persons born on odd numbered days shall not exhale on odd numbered days.

    To ensure future enforcement of EPA regulations, EPA exempts itself and its employees from all EPA regulations.