• It used to be illegal to sell margarine in Wisconsin. Then they allowed it, but the coloring had to be sold separately and added by the consumer. When I was a UW student years ago, you couldn’t buy margarine in any of the university dining facilities.

  • I confirm the comment by “Black Death”. My parents lived in Saint Louis and my mother’s twin sister lived in Wisconsin and when the twin would visit Saint Louis, she would stock up on margarine. My recollection is that (for awhile) you didn’t have to buy the coloring separately, it was in the same package, just not mixed. You got a plastic package containing white margarine plus yellow coloring, and you could mix it by kneading it inside the plastic.

  • Usually government advice on nutrition is dangerous, but Wisconsin stumbled onto something correct. In this case, preventing the runaway adoption of margarine (saturated trans fats) and the health disaster that was/is.