Environment roundup

  • Clean Water Act’s citizen-suit procedure can “be a huge money maker” for private groups: “Policing for profit in private environmental enforcement” [Jonathan Wood]
  • “Chicago Alderman Tells Property Owners to ‘Come Back to Me on Your Knees’ or Face Zoning Changes” [Eric Boehm, Reason]
  • Wetlands: “Farmer faces $2.8 million fine after plowing field” [Damon Arthur, Redding Record-Searchlight]
  • Urban bike lanes are green religious monuments, writes Arnold Kling, a biker himself;
  • Climate change shareholder disclosure: “Class action lawyers have become very clever at developing these cases for profit.” [Nina Chestney, Reuters]
  • “Why full compensation for property owners might lead to more unlawful takings” [Ilya Somin]

One Comment

  • The City that I live in had a building on the main street catch fire a few years ago. The building had a store front on the bottom level and several apartments on the upper levels. The owner was well insured and wanted to repair the building. Several of our so called “civic leaders” thought that they could put the property to better use, so they badgered the City Council into delaying the building permits. By the time the permits were issued the weather had caused further damage making the building not worth repairing. The building was torn down and now the lot is becoming a “community garden”.