Food roundup


  • The Waffle House video is fantastic

  • If somebody gets ill from eating at Waffle House [which apparently happens, as mentioned in the article], would the company be protected by the assumption of risk doctrine?

  • I’ve got to watch the Waffle House video… all the comments sound like they could have been at my local one.

    A few years ago, I was getting an early start to return from a golf trip in Alabama and stopped in for a quick breakfast at 4am an Easter Sunday. Not only did they give me a “Sunrise Service” (eggs sunny side up), the waitress and cook proceeded to act out the sermon as well. I’ve got to admit, it was interesting and had me awake for the road.

  • The calorie mandating is beyond ridiculous because what seems to matter for health (and weight) is not calories but whether you eat sugar and starchy carbs.

    Leave it to the government to mandate something that doesn’t even make scientific sense.

  • Back in the 60’s pick your own had nothing to do with tourism. It was simply a cheaper way to get produce by providing the labor involved in harvesting it. It was something like $.50 or $1 cheaper per quart for strawberries. I don’t remember how much cheaper peaches were, but that would have been by the bushel or peck.

  • Kev takes me back to White Castles in St. Louis in the early 60’s. My friends and I went there because it was cheap. Nothing else mattered. Well, when you’re hammered and hungry, not much else matters anyway. And eyes front is good advice in any restaurant.