Liability roundup

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  • Aren’t punitive damages a way of compensating for harms that tend not to be compensated. Let’s take the Wells Fargo case–there are almost certainly plaintiffs whose car was improperly seized (due to the fraudulent force-placed insurance)–how are they to be made whole? If they lost their job, or if their kids couldn’t participate in activities because the other car was needed to get mom or dad to work etc., those sorts of damages wouldn’t be addressed in a normal damages suit. Is the idea that those people shouldn’t get compensation–if so, consider this–you are living somewhat paycheck to paycheck–and now, through no fault of your own, a bank ruins your credit and (basically) steals your car.

    Should the damages simply be limited to the value of the car and maybe the delta between interest rates on hypothetical borrowings? From a moral standpoint, that’s a tough tough sell, and I am no fan of the plaintiffs’ bar.