Update: Philly council approves shop Plexiglass crackdown

By a 14-3 vote, the Philadelphia city council has approved a bill one of whose objectives is to require “stop and go” convenience stores to take down Plexiglass (“bulletproof”) partitions between cashiers and customers [Max Marin, City and State PA; Nicole Darrah, Fox News] Store owners talk back on the glass ban [Adam Xu, Philadelphia Inquirer; Julie Shaw, Philadelphia Daily News (state legislator plans to file bill to protect workers); my earlier take here and at the New York Post]


  • Is there a 2nd amendment right to use passive defensive measures such as bulletproof glass and body armor?

  • The question has come up with proposed bans on body armor; I believe the courts have not been welcoming toward efforts to include passive defense in “arms.” Note however Eugene Volokh’s argument that a right of self-defense may be implicit in the U.S. Constitution as an unenumerated right, as it is explicit under many state constitutions. That was mentioned with a link in the December 14 post linked above: