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  • Re: invisible frogs, aka Mississippi gopher frog.

    Seems almost anything gopher related can be frustrating for homeowners. Thurston County, WA, has a sub-species of pocket gopher that has practically shut down development.
    Even though it thrives on the gunnery range at Ft. Lewis, “any landowner or developer planning to build a single family home with a gopher on the property would be forced to pay $42,000 in habitat offset fees.”


    While the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is unable to release DNA samples that would demonstrate Thurston County’s pocket gophers are a sub-species, and it is a federal crime to obtain your own, they have a sketch made by E. R. Johnson in the 1960s showing a well-endowed variant. Sort of a pocket rocket gopher.
    While that is something for proud Thurston County residents to admire, the Board of Supervisors has wildly over-reacted in what can only be seen as a grab for cash.