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  • I am really ticked off concerning “the war on opioids.”

    I have a back condition where I require narcotic pain medication as needed, usually once per day of a minimum (non-addictive) dose. This allows me to function (walk relatively pain-free and go to work), where I otherwise would not be able to.

    Cuomo and his drug police think that the war on opioids only targets abusers, but I as a legitimate user have been hard hit.

    Doctors in the past would give a 180 day supply, but now they are reluctant to give more than a 30 day supply, for fear of being investigated and their license put in jeopardy. These physicians who prescribe “too much” are targeted by the State, and waste countless hours justifying to the satisfaction of the drug police why they gave so many pills.

    This means that every 30 days, I have to take a trip into Manhattan (which is not good for my back), pay for an office visit, to get a prescription for a 30 day supply electronically sent to the pharmacy that I designate, because under the regulations, a physician may not write a prescription for opioids unless he physically sees you.

    So, because of this nonsense, I may be forced to retire at age 58. Maybe I’ll just go out on disability, and let the government partially subsidize my existence. That may not be good for me, but it will keep that evil narcotic medication out of the stream of commerce.