Wage and hour roundup


  • Re Mr. Aston’s (the waiter) article in the New York Post, it’s pretty obvious to this former restaurant employee (both tip and non-tip) that this whole thing is being driven by the desire of the SEIU to grab a portion of the employees’ wages before the employee sees it. They do not like the fact that an employee may get cash directly. Also, the tipping system is merit-based which is also against union philosophy.

  • On the min wage: For middle-class kids part of the drop in employment of teens is that in the summers more of them are better off and busy with sports etc and so a job has a lower priority. If your parents gave you a car you don’t need to work in the summer to buy one. 19 yr olds are often in college. For minority teens, there may be no jobs near them, but they are obviously the most hurt by a high min wage.

    One of the most critical things for teens is to get some work experience, any experience, in order to get a real job. By the time I was in college I had worked at McD’s, a factory, a gas station, painted houses, and then in college worked for the profs. I had a whole cv by the time I graduated.