“Sacramento Wants to Boost Rail Ridership By Banning Drive-Throughs and Gas Stations Near Transit”

It’s almost as if making life inconvenient for drivers is seen as a goal in itself: “City staff [in California’s capital city of Sacramento] are drafting an ordinance that would ban building new gas stations, drive-throughs, and other auto-related businesses within a quarter mile of any of the city’s 23 light rail stations. …Other businesses ‘not considered transit-supportive’ — car lots, auto repair businesses, manufacturing sites, wholesale outlets — would still be allowed, but only if the city grants them a special permit.” [Christian Britschgi, Reason]


  • Good to know that when you’re almost out of gas when you park to take the light rail to commute, you won’t be able to get home. It allows you to plan the rest of your life.

  • This is just a prelude to the next step: mandating square wheels on cars. To level the playing field.

  • You will conform, citizen – or else. They have already skewed the market with a highly subsidized product (mass transit) and still can’t sell enough of their product, so we need to prohibit market participation and create scarcity. So tired of central planners.

  • I am repeatedly amazed by old songs which seem to be describing today. The Bachman Turner Overdrive hit “Taking Care Of Business” starts by describing the sardine in a can experience of riding light rail. So, they “buy a second hand guitar” and drop out to “work at nothin’ all day.” That’s “taking care of business”.

    Everything old is made new again – including the unpleasant, inconvenient, and bad ideas. Another example of “I’m from the government, and I don’t give a damn about you.”

  • Every time my local government (Sunnyvale, CA) has a planning, zoning meeting, the Bicycle Zealots come and speak for their 3 minutes during the “comments from the public” period asking for fewer parking spaces. “People will never stop driving” (unless you punish drivers) is their argument.