June 6 roundup

  • “Prosecutors say use of condoms manufactured outside state made sex crime a federal offense” [ABA Journal]
  • Philadelphia family court judge, much criticized in course of appellate review, now subject of probe by state Judicial Conduct Board [Samantha Melamed, Philly.com]
  • Check out illustration: would you be likely to confuse cartoon beaver with cartoon alligator? Texas jury in trademark dispute thinks you would [Lowering the Bar]
  • Panels at Federalist Society’s annual Executive Branch Review Conference tackle disparate impact, litigation and regulatory reform, and civil service reform, including participants like Gail Heriot, Roger Clegg, Stuart Taylor, Jr, and Philip K. Howard;
  • British restrictions on trial reporting wrongly infringe on liberty of press, but at core of Tommy Robinson affair is old-fashioned contempt of court [Daniel Hannan, Washington Examiner]
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund argues animals should have standing to sue persons who abuse them, opening many new employment opportunities for lawyers at places like ALDF [KATU; related, recent Ninth Circuit monkey-selfie ruling]


  • With respect to the Philly judge–shouldn’t the Pa. Supreme Court be taking some heat–at the end of the day, it is the Supreme Court that is supposed to deal with judges like this, and it appears that it has fallen down on the job.

  • Next up, criminal who eats food from out of state, as most foods are, is charged in Federal court as without said food from out of state, the criminal would have been too weak from hunger to do the deed. Same with the gasoline in the tank of the car. Or wearing imported clothing. Or……..

    Logic fail.