Schools and childhood roundup


  • Re: Coughing baby. The sanctimony of the MN DCFS head was illuminating. Putting aside the affirmative harm that a false positive does to a child and the parents, her attitude shows an attitude that an amorphous goal of “child welfare” trumps all. Well, not so in a free society. Like it or not, parents have rights. It would be refreshing indeed if we saw journalists asking tough questions of these ignorant and officious government officials.

    Ultimately, the government has the guns, and it is often willing to use them (or the threat of them) to grab kids, set up stings based on the Logan Act or what have you.

  • Re: right to literacy.
    Ultimately, this would be grounds for an interesting suit not only against the local educational apparatus, but against the teacher-union rules protecting incompetents.

    Which is ironic given your next post about the teacher’s unions plan to become more political.