September 27 roundup


  • It works if your court is in Maine: “Motion to Continue Because of Moose Attack”

    I would also work in Alaska. In fact, it would probably work better in Alaska.

  • “good moral character” is a problem, but the courts will be loath to say so, as the entry to the bar is predicated on it.

  • Exit, pursued by a bear…

  • Food deserts–

    Like the author of the WP article, I see a supermarket as a major enhancement to a neighborhood, even if obesity claims do not hold up.

    • If a supermarket can’t operate profitably in a given neighborhood, are you willing to spend your own life savings to keep it open?

  • I love that the prosecutor who didn’t oppose the moose attack motion was named “Toff Toffolon”.

  • I find it ironic that the same people who are whining about “food deserts” are the same people who want to block Walmart from opening stores in the inner cities.

    I live near Pittsburgh. There are areas where companies have been pressured to open supermarkets, only to have to close them due to robberies and retail theft making them unprofitable. If they have a security presence then they are labeled as racist. The attitude is that they are big corporations they can absorb the losses.

    Wasn’t there some articles on here a few years ago about people not wanting the local police to respond to retail theft incidents at Walmarts? Something about it costing the local municipalities too much money for the police to respond.