Wage and hour roundup

  • “Bernie Sanders and Bad Justifications for Minimum Wage Hikes” [Cato Daily Podcast with Ryan Bourne and Caleb Brown]
  • Oregon senator wants to give CEOs a pay incentive to automate, contract out, or otherwise eliminate low-compensation jobs faster than they would otherwise [Hans Bader]
  • “Mayor Pete Wants To Destroy the Gig Economy in Order To Save It” [Nick Gillespie on Buttigieg plan to limit independent contractor status] More on California independent contractor battles [Federalist Society podcast with Bruce Sarchet, earlier here, etc.]
  • Not many states do this: “New York State Passes Bill Allowing Employees to Place a Lien on Employer’s Property For Accusation of Wage Violations” [Employers Association Forum]
  • With hand-made tortillas no longer economic, the Upper West Side restaurant began going downhill [Jennifer Gould Keil, New York Post]
  • The myth of stagnant real wages [Scott Sumner]


  • NY Lien.

    This actually seems reasonable to me. It will even the scales a bit.

    I kind of like the idea that that there be a bond. the stronger the employer’s position, the lower the cost of the bond. Perhaps employees and their attorneys should be liable for the cost of the bond, should their claims be found frivolous.

  • *Leading Socialist agrees labor not worth paying overtime.
    *Taco restaurant feels $15/hr. bite. Longtime workers chopped.
    *NY labor law liens on shareholders. Pushback expected.
    *Oregon CEOs worth less. Seattle execs toast Washington Territory Act of 1853.
    Hardly a TGIF posting