Indiana high court: “Removing a GPS tracking device from your car isn’t theft”

If cops attach a covert GPS tracking device to your car, and you discover and remove it, you have not “stolen” the device, nor can the removal stand as evidence needed to justify a search warrant. So says the Indiana Supreme Court, at least. [Timothy Lee, ArsTechnica; opinion in Heuring v. State of Indiana]


  • This is one of those things that just should just shock us. If cops put a device on your car or put listening devices in your home, you get to remove them. You get to throw them out. I am no fan of the sporting theory of justice, but come on.

  • Why just throw it out? Why not do something like what Tom Hanks did in The Da Vinci Code?

    For example, drive to a railroad crossing, and toss the device onto a freight train.