Police misconduct roundup


  • No surprise. Just a penumbra of qualified impunity.

  • The “progressive” end of the political movement has turned 180 degrees when it comes to ‘victim’s rights’ laws. I’m all for these Florida happenings if it can make people wake up and see the mess they’ve created.

    Of course, we all are sympathetic to victims of crime, but it’s important that the rights of people accused of crimes are protected above all else. It’s is the accused that are afforded a special set of rights, to protect them, in our constitution, and that’s for good reason.

    It was originally the left who were opposed to, for example, victim impact statements that are now allowed in California courts. These statements aren’t held to any standard, aren’t cross examined, etc. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1982_California_Proposition_8 )

    Now, in our upside-down world, progressives love them, and use them to fuel the recalling of judges who follow accepted sentencing guidelines. (And to hell with people accused or convicted of crimes.)