Easing license burdens for the duration, and afterward

In two emergency declarations Thursday, governors eased the burdens of licensing for the duration of the coronavirus emergency: Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced that persons holding valid out-of-state medical licenses could get them recognized on one-day approval, while Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan extended the expiration dates of all licenses, permits, registrations, and the like until 30 days after the end of the emergency. I put it in context in a new Cato post.


  • Will be interesting to see whether people start to recognize the benefits of all the “temporary” measures like work from home, cook at home, reduce licensure requirements, etc once this is over and demand that they be continued.

    • There are certain people who are efficient as hell at working from home. Not all of us are.

      • And whether you are efficient at it or not, management hates it because it makes it harder to track your work and hours.

  • Indeed. Coronavirus is potentially devastating for government-reliance advocates. The amount of self-reliance going on is out of control.

  • […] reimburseable services be provided by the holder of an in-state license. At the same time, as I noted last week, many states have been relaxing rules prohibiting practice by out-of-state medical professionals […]