COVID-19 pandemic roundup


  • I don’t think that Fauci has covered himself with glory in this crisis. He did not push the bureaucracy at all–maybe not “his job,” but whatever.

    It’s easy to say, “Yeah, shut the country down.” He doesn’t have to care about all the pain and suffering left in that decision’s wake. He could at least acknowledge that missteps in the response, which are the fault of career bureaucrats (for example, the stiff-arming of Dr. Chu in Washington let community spread happen more than it otherwise would have) are the very things that are lengthening the shutdown. Level with the American people–but, of course, he won’t do that.

    His maniacal insistence on double-blind trials is not helping matters, and he hasn’t pushed things like convalescent sera as hard as he could have. Also, his comment about not focusing on an anti-body test was tone-deaf at best and callous at worst.

    As a country, we have been let down by these bureaucrats.

  • Further to my last:

    Johns Hopkins asked for approval a month ago. Only now did FDA grant approval. How many patients will miss out on this due to the delay? This is Johns Hopkins. Approval should have been granted almost immediately.