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L.A. city council: no convenience for you

Paternalism under the palms [Future of Capitalism]:

The Los Angeles City Council, having already established “a moratorium on new openings of fast-food restaurants” within a 32-square-mile area of South Los Angeles, is now preparing a crackdown on convenience stores that “would prohibit such small neighborhood markets from being closer than one-half mile from one another unless they sold fresh fruit and vegetables,” reports the Los Angeles Times. Link via the American Council on Science and Health.

New York City cracks down on bake sales in schools

The new regulations have home-made cherry pie white backgrounddrawn considerable negative comment from New York Times readers, and cartoonist/commentator Roz Chast doesn’t seem to hold them in very high regard either.

Only indirectly related — but also pointing up the unlikelihood of getting anything particularly tasty to eat in a Gotham public school environment Raw chicken drumsticks— it seems that raw meat is not allowed in NYC school cafeteria kitchens, because it “poses too much of a food-handling challenge” [NYT again]