• Really? This is absurd. How can it possibly the cell phone companies fault?
    The girl is suing the cell phone companies for the death of her mother which was caused by another driver who was attempting to multitask.
    So if spill my McDonald’s coffee in my lap and it burns we so I swerve my car and hit someone can they sue the man who grew the beans for the coffee?

  • No, you can’t sue the coffee growers because they don’t have enough money. Go for Comex.


  • Just silly.

  • Don’t forget to sue the manfactures of electric razors, cosmetics, and newspapers just ot list a few of the crazy things I’ve seen other drivers doing on teh freeway.

  • I want to sue the farmer who grew the pig that ultimately became the ham sandwich the other driver was eating when I had my car accident.

  • It’s all about who has the deep pockets and don’t want to spend the money to fight.

  • Forget Who’s At Fault; Sue The Deepest Pockets…

    It’s truly horrible that this woman’s mother was killed after her car was hit by a driver talking on his cell phone……